Books by Alexis Radcliff

A Vanishing GlowA Vanishing Glow (The Mystech Arcanum)

When the High Sovereign of the rapidly-industrializing realm of Ghavarim is murdered by a mysterious assassin, the rulers of the five kingdoms of the Federation are plunged into a vicious power struggle. Jason Tern, a noble captain from the borderlands, must battle shadowy half-human assailants with limbs of brass and steel while untangling an ever-widening web of lies and intrigue to discover the true identity of the killer before mounting tensions spark a bloody civil war. | Audible

Click and Other StoriesClick and Other Stories: A Short Horror Collection

In Click and Other Stories, Alexis Radcliff spins four creepy tales of the unseen, unexplained, and gruesome things that happen on the secret edges of everday life. Where the light brushes the darkness, the ordinary turns creepy, and reality gets a little accidental bump into the terrifying realm of the possible… | Audible